Flanged Elephant Hose, Rubber & PVC Mining Hose

Uniflex Pumps & Rubber are specialists in the supply of Hand Built Large Bore Rubber Hoses and Fittings from lengths as short as 400MM right up to 8000MM. Diameters ranging from as little as 25MM up to 1000MM [1” to 40” DIA] All Hand Built Rubber Hoses & Fittings can be made to custom specifications covering a wide range of applications in mining, process industry or agriculture
  • PULP & SLURRY - conveying abrasive medium with liners 6.0MM to 24MM
  • WATER SUCTION & DELIVERY [S&D] - used generally in mining, process industry and agriculture with either Hard or Soft Wall and liners 3.0MM to 8.0MM
  • CONCRETE PLACEMENT - for offloading wet concrete in construction or shaft sinking applications
  • ABRASIVE LINERS - Abrasion | Heat | Chemical | Oil | Food
  • END FITTINGS - Plain End[PE] | T/D FBE | Floating or Swivel Ends
  • REINFORCEMENT - Soft Wall [Fabric] | Hardwall [Wire Armoured]
  • WORKING PRESSURE - Suction and / or Delivery from 600 - 1600Kpa